To protect our equipment and other customers’ work, there are a few basic rules when it comes to firing services.

  1. You must know what clay and glaze you used on your work. We will not fire unknown clay and glazes.
  2. No paper clay or paper armatures!
  3. Work must be completely bone dry. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. No glass or precious metal clay. POTTERY ONLY!


What cones do you fire?
  • All low-fire (04-06) work (bisque and glaze) is fired to cone 05. Most glaze instructions recommend 05 or 06.
  • All bisque firings are done at 05, no matter what clay body.
  • Mid-fire glaze firings are fired to cone 6.
  • Gold Luster and Mother-of-Pearl Luster and decals at cone 018.


Pricing is calculated by the amount of space your work take sup in the kiln.  When your work is dropped off you will receive an estimate of hte firing price for that group of work.

Payment MUST be made before the fired pottery can be picked up. All kiln measurements are before kiln shelves and posts are loaded.

A Single Small Piece  – $5

a coffee mug or cereal bowl

Half Shelf – $20

as many pieces as we can fit into a 23″L x 12″W x 8″ H space

Full Shelf – $30

as many pieces as we can fit into a 23″L x 23″W x 8″ H space

Full Kiln – $80

as many pieces as we can fit into a 23 diameter x 24″ H space (allowing for kiln posts and shelves)

How to Pack Your Work

Greenware is fragile, and so it unfired glaze! To endure your pieces survive the car ride and the trip to the kiln, make sure to pack each piece carefully.

Cedar Park Pottery is not responsible for any damage that happens during firing or transport. Accidents happen! Thats just a normal risk for a potter. Please be assured every effort will be taken to ensure the safetly of your work.


Though rare, any damages to our kiln or kiln furniture directly attributed to your work will result in replacement or repair charges at your expense. This included but is not limited to:

  • glazes running onto the shelf
  • unknown or misidentified clay melting to furniture
  • armatures burning off or fusing to the shelf (if wire).

Can I Glaze the Bottoms?

That depends on the firing temperature. 

  • For low-fire work, that answer is yes, so long as the piece isn’t too small!
  • For cups, bowls, trays, figurines, etc., feel free to glaze the bottoms! We can put your pieces up on stilts (little spikey stands) for firing.
  • For mid-fire (cone 6) work, the bottoms of your pieces must be completely free of glaze. Leave a minimum 1/2″ glaze-free clearance at the bottom of your pieces.

What About Underglazes?

Though underglaze will usually not stick to the shelf at mid-fire temps, there is some risk of certain colors fluxing out just enough to become “tacky” and stick to the kiln washed shelf. This may result in small bits of kiln was stuck to the bottom of your pieces. We are willing to fire mid-fire work with underglaze on the bottoms, but it is at your own risk. 

Low-fire work with underglaze on the bottom is perfectly fine and should not stick.

Do You Fire Beads?

Yes, we will fire ceramic beads, but you must provide your own bead rack for the glaze used.

I Need this Tomorrow!
Can I Pay Extra for a Rush Firing?

Firings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. No rush services.